Something Vintage is an online antique store for lovers of smaller vintage treasures, decorations, accessories, tableware, notebooks, and other antique objects. We handpick all our items, so we make sure that you only find the finest pieces in our online shop. The constantly changing range consists of antiques that are over 100 years old and also more contemporary pieces from the 70s to 90s.

Every piece is preloved and has been used often. So we cannot rule out signs of use. We always point out possible defects in the product description. Please always read through the entire description before you purchase a treasure.

I’ve loved going to flea markets since I was a young girl. I love to hear the stories behind each piece and like to imagine what those items have already experienced. The idea of founding an online store for antiques arose also on a flea market. I have learned that many vendors, mostly elderly people, will throw away their goods if they can’t sell them on that day. They have nobody to inherit their antiques. As I don’t have so much space to buy all the treasures for myself, I decided to build an online store and find these pieces a new home.

With Something Vintage, we would like to spark interest and joy in vintage and relieve the environment of frequent new purchases. We hope not only to show people the beautiful side of secondhand shopping but make it more popular as well. You don’t have to buy new stuff to fill your household with decorative and wonderful accessories and tableware. Not to mention that with secondhand shopping you will create unique home decor and can also do something good for the environment.

There is also another exciting project going on. We collect old books in very bad shape and salvage damaged hard covers to reuse them and turn them into beautiful vintage notebooks, journals, or sketchbooks. We would like to save these books from ending up in the rubbish. In addition to secondhand shopping, upcycling is also important for us. Our upcycled notebooks are perfect for everyone who is already journaling or would like to start with this routine. These individual notebooks will be your best companion for writing down and organizing your thoughts every day.

Our goal is to reduce packaging waste to a minimum. Therefore, our packaging is made exclusively from recycled materials, or we use materials that already exist. This way we can keep existing materials in circulation for as long as possible. The shipping cartons and the filling are made from recycled paper and can be reused or disposed of with waste paper. We use bubble wrap made of recycled plastic to protect the items. We also provide low-waste shipping within Europe. Let’s protect our beautiful planet together!

We share our daily impressions on social media. Take a look behind the scenes at our online antique store and let us inspire you!