Vintage Round Butter Dish


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Discover the allure of this delightful vintage round butter dish, a true English treasure marked EPNS. This signifies electroplated nickel silver – a thin layer of silver atop the base metal. Despite its unassuming simplicity, the butter dish reveals a beautiful design, featuring three parts: a tray, a glass holder, and a lid adorned with a bakelite button. This vintage gem adds a touch of elegance to breakfast in bed. Moreover, it transforms into the perfect morning tea accessory, guaranteeing a delightful start to your day. In impeccable condition with subtle signs of age, the butter dish boasts a patina that imparts it with a unique character. While the hallmark provides insight into its provenance, the exact manufacturer and age remain veiled in mystery. So it adds an extra layer of intrigue to this charming piece of history. Embrace the vintage charm and functional beauty encapsulated in this round butter dish, making every breakfast moment a celebration of timeless elegance.


Diameter: 11 cm
Height: 6 cm

Diameter: 7,5 cm
Height: 2 cm


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