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This engraved decanter fits perfectly in every vintage kitchen. It has an engraved leaf and plant pattern. The wine decanter looks nice as a decoration, on the shelf or arranged with other glasses on a cocktail tray. It is also a great serving accessory when you celebrate special moments with your family and friends. The engraved decanter is in great condition. There are no cracks or other damages. The wine decanter is probably from Hungary, but it is unknown what year they come from.

Engraved glasses are glassware decorated with finely carved, three-dimensional patterns. It encompasses a variety of techniques, including intaglio work, with images and inscriptions, cut into the surface of the glass through abrasion. Although it is a form of decorative glasswork, many people consider glass engraving as a dying art form. This is not entirely true, but glass engraving is certainly a form that is in decline. However, there are still many glass engravers who produce challenging works of art.


Diameter: 20,5 cm
Height: 8 cm


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