Antique Nutcracker


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This antique nutcracker fits perfectly in every cutlery collection. The nutcracker works very well and has a simple but classic design. It is very rustic and practical. The metal nutcracker has two areas for the nuts, the handles can be turned around so it is suitable for nuts of different sizes (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.). The gorgeous piece is one of those amazing pieces that will never fail to impress and that will also make a nice gift for yourself or a vintage lover. It would be also a fine decorative element for your kitchen or your showcase. The antique nutcracker is in good condition. There are no dents or other damages, just a couple of signs of age and a few tiny scratches. The patina adds the nutcracker tons of character. There is no hallmark on the nutcracker, therefore we do not know the provenance and age.


Length: 15 cm


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